Singer-songwriter, composer, producer and visual artist VANDANA’s music is an animated map of genres that defies expectations. Seamlessly blending art-pop with elements of alternative electronica, experimental form music to krautrock and classical, her style unfolds as a mesmerizing fusion of ancient mysticism and avant-garde futurism. Expanding on her explorations of womanhood that reflect her Indian roots, her intricate music comes to life via dripping analog synths and emotional song writing, creating an atmosphere that’s singular and deeply passionate. Music from her LP Anti Venus and EP Nox Anima have earned comparisons to Kate Bush, Bjork, Thom York, PJ Harvey and contemporaries like FKA Twigs, Fever Ray and Anohni.

Her journey from India to London to Brooklyn laid the foundation for a distinctive and intellectually stimulating musical identity which arrives steeped in the eccentricities of her DNA as well as in vehicles of abstract expression and experimentation.

Brooklyn-based artist Vandana challenges the archetype of the female pop star with Anti Venus. Intelligent, dark, and alluring… But it’s the opening track, “Ecstatic”, and “Claw” that will linger within you long after listening. Through the metaphysical resonance, it’s almost as if your brain is transported into a musical k-hole, but you won’t mind it at all.”


“Her distinctive brand of sultry noir-pop is infused with compelling electronic textures, from fierce drum pads to moody analog synth swells, and her expressive vocals call to mind similarly dark-minded acts like Portishead, PJ Harvey and Fever Ray.”


“Vandana’s eclectic upbringing has seen her life scattered across three continents. The resultant patchwork of musical influences to which she has been exposed are instantly audible within her own mesmeric and haunting work… Nox Anima is a rewarding collection of murky, metaphysical alt-pop, with a scattering of Vandana’s diverse, left-field influences.”


“Drawing on the brooding electronics of Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke and the gothic sensibilities of The Cure, Edgar Allen Poe and Lars Von Trier, Vandana uses the mystery of the night to craft rippling, introspective electronic music that unsettles and soothes in equal measure.”


“Vandana’s “Ecstatic” dropped this week ahead of her debut album ANTI VENUS out later this year. The production works in the streetwalking cheetah ways where the ecstasy builds toward the Euro industrial underground chic of freak.”


“When listening to the first two minutes of Vandana Jain’s new song “Mask” listeners can be often reminded of the dark tones that many have come to appreciate from Nine Inch Nails’ industrial electronics. This is not to say that Jain does not differentiate from alike artists, as she stands in her ability to contort a wide range of styles and effects into a weighted balloon that never drifts too far in any direction.”


“And like her music — a tasteful fusion of synthesized, infectious bass lines and hypnotic yet primal tones — Vandana’s personality is full of dimension and depth. A striking beauty with intelligence to match, she’s constantly striving towards greater evolution and transcendence within herself, her music, and her journey.”


“Ahsa” shows a creative mind simultaneously on the cutting edge of electropop and inspired by past decades of Indian and Pakistani sounds. She draws on both the old and the new for this video and her upcoming EP Contra. Sleek “Ahsa” demonstrates modern sensibilities informed by the past, but facing the future, with space-age aesthetics to boot.”


“It is precisely this balance of darkness and light, the artificial coupled with the natural that has been heard on recent singles, “Ecstatic“, and “Mask“, that both obfuscates and disguises through the agony and ecstasy of electronic couture.”